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If I let my option positions get exercised, are there extra charges?

Note: STT on exercised contracts from Sep 1st, 2019 will be charged at the rate of 0.125% of intrinsic value (how much in-the-money the option is) and not on the total contract value. Intrinsic value for OTM (out of the money) options is always zero. Read more in this post on TradingQ&A.

  1. If you are shorting options, you would have already paid STT (0.05% of the premium value), so if you let it expire on the exchange there are no extra charges.
  2. If you have purchased options, you get the option to choose if you want to exercise it or not. If you choose to exercise it, the STT used to be ‘0.125% of the contract value’. Currently, as indicated above, STT is '0.125% of the intrinsic value'.