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Will Zerodha help me learn to invest and trade?

Zerodha has an education initiative named Varsity.

Varsity is powered by a simple yet extremely powerful motto; i.e. knowledge, like other elements of life, should have no ownership. Therefore, high-quality education should be made accessible to anyone and everyone without any financial obligations.

Varsity is open to everyone and not just to the clients of Zerodha. It is a comprehensive resource for people interested in learning and improving their knowledge on investing and trading.

To know more about Varsity click here.

We also have an active blog named Z-Connect regarding all things trading and trading in general with Zerodha. It includes an open forum where anyone can come and interact with trading and platform related queries and ideas.
We also have an initiative named TradingQ&Awhich is a question and answers forum for all things related to trading and stock markets. It is free, open, and community driven. Click here to know more.