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Brokerage Calculator, Margin Calculator and Black-Scholes Calculator

Zerodha makes calculators available in order to make trading & investing decisions with Zerodha better and transparent.

Brokerage Calculator - You can use the Brokerage Calculator to know how much brokerage and taxes you would be charged if you would take a particular trade at a particular buy and sell price.

You would have to enter the buy & sell prices along with the quantity and you would get the breakdown of charges. You will also know the expected net profit/loss for the trade along with break-even points.

Margin Calculator - You can use the Margin Calculator to know how much margins you would need to take a particular trade. You could also calculate how much leverage you would get for your intraday trades.

You can switch between tabs to see the margins for various segments.

You can also see the F&O securities under the ban period here -

Black-Scholes Calculator - Option traders can use the Black-Scholes Calculator on Zerodha’s website to calculate the option greeks.