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Can a Non-resident Indian (NRI) trade in futures and options (FnO)?

Yes, NRIs can trade in futures and options if they have mapped a Custodial Participant code (CP) to their NRO account. Zerodha has tied up with Orbis Financials for custodial services. See What is the trading process and rules for NRI accounts?

Did you know?

  • All funds are handled by the Custodian, in this case, Orbis. Once funds are transferred to Orbis, they intimate Zerodha to update the same. Similarly, all fund withdrawals have to be placed with Orbis. An NRI client has to refer to the margin statement sent by Orbis to see their F&O obligations. The obligations won’t be shown in the contract note issued by Zerodha. See What does the F&O obligation amount mean?
  • The brokerage for F&O is ₹100 per order. Orbis additionally charges ₹150/crore for futures and ₹1500/crore for options as clearing charges on a monthly basis. To know about all the charges pertaining to NRI accounts, see What are the charges for NRI accounts at Zerodha?
  • NRIs cannot pledge their holdings while trading to obtain margins.
  • NRIs cannot trade both Equity and F&O simultaneously.