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Why am I unable to see funds on my trading account despite adding funds to my PIS account?

Possible reasons you are not able to see your funds:

1. PIS Mapping: The broker receives the PIS balance update from the bank only after the account has not been mapped to any broker. 

Each bank has its own process to add a broker. Here you can download the forms and submit them to your broker who would coordinate with the banks and get the broker updated in their records. This mapping usually takes between 5-7 working days. Please check here for elaboration.

2. Real-Time Updates of Funds: There would not be any real-time update of funds. If you have transferred funds today to the PIS account, this wouldn't reflect since we receive an end of day balance file and the balances are not updated on a real-time basis.

Important Points to Note:

Margins: The PIS account margins will show up only during the market hours, after which it'll show in the ledger balance on Console>Ledger. 

Settlement Cycle: The Settlement for the trades happens from Banks end who will debit/credit the net amount of the trade from the clients PIS account.

For Buy - The Bank will debit the client’s PIS account on T+1;

For Sell - The Bank will debit the broker’s account on T+2 and credit the client on T+2 End of Day or T+3 morning.