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Is attestation of supporting documents mandatory for opening NRI accounts?

Attestation is compulsory in the following scenario:

If you aren’t KYC verified as an NRI, you will need to get the attestation of the PAN, Passport and Foreign Address proof from one of the following - 

  • Authorised officials of overseas branches of scheduled commercial banks registered in India
  • Public notaries
  • Court magistrate
  • Judge
  • Multi-National banks having operations in India
  • Indian embassy/consulate general in the country of residence
Attestation is not required for the following scenarios: 

  1. If you are present in India and visiting any of our branches/partner offices, the attestation wouldn't be required. You can submit the self-attested documents along with a copy of the latest immigration stamping. (Please carry the original while visiting our office)
  2. Attestation is not required if your current NRI address is registered in your KYC.