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Can an NRI account be opened online?

NRIs and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) must ensure that their residential status is marked as Non resident on the ITD website to open an account. To learn how to update the status, see How to update the resident status of PAN for an NRI & PIO account?

NRI accounts cannot be opened online. However, the account opening form can be filled out online for NRO-Non-PIS and NRE-PIS accounts. Once the online form is validated, the forms must be couriered to Zerodha. To fill out the online account opening form, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to
  2. Sign up by verifying the email ID and password.
  3. Select the Country of residence and NRI category.
  4. Enter the name as per the ITD and mobile number with the ISD code.
  5. Pay the account opening fee of ₹500.
  6. Upload a passport-size photograph and PAN. Enter the KYC details.
  7. Enter the bank account details. If an NRE PIS account is being opened, a PIS bank account must be linked, and the PIS letter must be uploaded.
  8. Provide the FATCA declaration.
  9. Complete the IPV. See, What is In-Person Verification (IPV), and why is it required?
  10. Enter the nominee or guardian details.
  11. Click on Submit form for review.

Zerodha reviews the online forms within 48 working hours. If corrections are required, clients must redo the online process. Once the verification is complete, clients can print the application, sign and courier it along with the supporting documents. To learn the documents required to open an NRI account, see What documents are required to open a Zerodha account as an NRI?

Did you know? The online application review process is for individual NRI account holders and not for joint accounts.