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What are the charges for NRI accounts at Zerodha?

The below table explains the charges for an NRI account:

Type of charge Amount
Account opening charge ₹500
Equity brokerage charge PIS: 0.5% or ₹200, whichever is lower per executed order.

Non-PIS: 0.5% or ₹100, whichever is lower per executed order.
F&O brokerage charge ₹100 per executed order.
Clearing charges Futures: ₹150 per crore charged monthly.

Options: ₹1,500 per crore charged monthly.
Account Maintenance Charges (AMC) ₹500 + 18% GST

GST of 18% on brokerage + SEBI charges + transaction charges is charged. To know the statutory charges like STT, GST, transaction charges, and SEBI charges, visit

Did you know? NRIs are allowed to trade in F&O only through a custodial account. For assistance with opening a custodial account with Zerodha’s custodian partner Orbis, create a ticket. To learn more about Orbis, visit