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What are the segments in which NRIs can trade and invest?

NRIs can trade and invest in the following segments:

  • Invest in the equity segment if an NRE bank account is linked.
  • Either invest in the equity segment or trade in the F&O segment¹ if an NRO Non PIS bank account is linked.
  • Invest in mutual funds² and G-secs via Coin if the account is opened via the NRO-Non PIS route.

NRIs cannot trade and invest in the following segments:

  • Trade in the currency (CDS) and commodity (MCX) segment or do intraday trading.
  • Invest in Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB).

To open either a PIS or Non-PIS account and compare what suits best to your requirements, see How can I open a Zerodha trading and demat account as an NRI?


¹F&O trading (Equity) trading is not available by default with NRO Non PIS accounts. F&O trading requires a Custodial Participant (CP) code with our partner for custodial services, Orbis Financial services. See Can a Non-resident Indian (NRI) trade in futures and options (FnO)?

² USA and Canadian residents cannot invest in mutual funds.