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How do I fill up the POA form?

You will get a pre-filled POA form if:
  1. You have printed the form that was downloaded during the account opening process. 
  2. Your Sales manager sent it to you. 
In case of a prefilled form, you simply need to sign the signature boxes 'F13' and 'F14'. You can then send the same to our Bangalore head office

1. If you don't have the pre-filled form, you can request your sales manager to send you the Pre-filled POA. You can then sign on the 'F13' and 'F14' signature boxes.
2. You should only use black or blue ink ball pens to sign the POA. 

If you need any further help with filling the POA, you can contact your sales manager.

Alternatively, instead of the POA, you can also consent to use the Online Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) to debit shares from the demat account. The option to submit your consent is available on Console under Profile>Demat as shown below: 

Once you submit consent, you will be able to see your holdings on Kite from the next trading day. In order to sell your holdings, at the time of placing the sell order you will need to authorize using second-factor authentication Kite PIN or Biometric authorization as shown in the screenshot below:

Online consent has a restriction of a maximum of Rs 20 lakhs per delivery sell transaction and a maximum of Rs 1 crore of sell transaction per day. If you have a portfolio of over Rs 1 crore and wish to sell more than Rs 1 crore of stocks/Mutual funds from your holding in a day, you will have to send us the POA.