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What happens if the account opening application is put on hold for rectifications?

If the account opening application is put on hold, an email is sent to the registered email ID explaining the rejection reason and the rectification required. See, Why was the account opening application put on hold?

As per the SEBI circular (WEB), KRA's have to validate the client's Know Your Customer (KYC) documents within 2 days. Hence, If the KYC was not registered at the time of signing up and the client is proceeding through Digilocker, the rectification must be done within 3 days. However, if the KYC was registered before initiating the account opening process, then the rectification must be done within 15 days. If the account opening process is not completed or the forms are not rectified within the specified time frame, the application will be reset, and the client must redo the account opening process.

To check the account opening status, visit To learn more about KYC, see What is Know Your Customer(KYC), and how can the KYC status be checked?

Did you know? If a client is redoing the account opening process, the fee does not need to be paid again.