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How to find the name and Date Of Birth (DOB) as per my PAN card?

The name and Date Of Birth (DOB) on the PAN card may differ from the name and DOB on the Income Tax Department (ITD). While updating the name and DOB with Zerodha, clients must ensure that the name and DOB are as per the PAN or ITD.

Example scenario

Name on PAN card: Sharath Suresh
Name on ITD: Suresh Sharath

The client must enter the name as per the PAN card or ITD in the same order. However, the name cannot be entered as Sharath S or Suresh S.

To find the name and DOB as per ITD, log in to, click the name and then click on My Profile.

The below image shows the name and DOB as per PAN card:

If the name is being entered as per PAN or ITD and the error is still displayed, please contact the ITD to update the records in their systems.