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What is Risk Disclosure Document (RDD) & Equity & Commodity Annexure Documents?

The Risk Disclosure Document contains important information with respect to risks that all investors, whether individual, non-individual, retails or institutional, take while trading / investing into any capital market instruments, at all situations.

Equity linked instruments carry varying elements of risk, and investors should participate in such instruments only after a thorough understanding of the risk tolerance which such investor is able to take. The Risk Disclosure Document is a SEBI prescribed document, which is mandatorily required to be disclosed by Brokers to all on-boarding clients / investors.

The Equity & Commodity Annexure is the entire set of documents of risks which an investor / client is undertaking while investing through an intermediary (Stock Broker) into capital market instruments. There are various risks with respect to trading / investing such as linkage failure of any intermediary in between the investor / trader and the exchange, due to technical breakage / unforeseen event, or any such other reason for an erroneous order to have passed through.

Equity Annexure Document includes:

(a) Annexure A - Rights and Obligations of Stock Brokers, sub-brokers and clients

(b) Annexure B - Risk Disclosure Document

(c) Annexure C - Guidance Note

(d) Annexure D - Policies and Procedures

Commodity Annexure Document includes:

(a) Annexure P - Additional rights & obligations

(b) Annexure 2 - Guidance Note

(c) Annexure 3 - Risk Disclosure Document

(d) Annexure 4 - Rights and Obligations of members, authorised persons and clients

Please do have a look at our Equity Annexure & Commodity Annexure documents for your reference.

Note: Due to the nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of Covid 19, we will not be able to provide hardcopy of the Risk Disclosure document(RDD) until the courier services restart operations. A soft copy of the RDD is sent to your email as soon as your account is opened. You can download the same from here .