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Why do I see the latest units purchased under discrepancy on Coin?

This generally happens when your purchase order for the mutual fund has been completed but has not been reconciled on the back-end (with Console) yet.

To understand why you would see the discrepant on Coin, we will have to quickly walk through what happens on the back-end.

When you place a mutual fund order, the order is sent to the AMC (Asset Management Company) for further processing, after which you receive the allotment of the units. The allotment happens on the T+1st day, which is the next day after you place the order (if you have placed it before the cut-off time ).

Once the units have been allotted or have been settled to your demat account, it is reconciled on the back-end with the demat holdings on Console on the T+2nd day. Hence, the transaction history under the holdings will be updated on Coin once it is updated on Console.

The Coin order history will show the status as completed on the T+1st day, whereas the transaction is actually updated on the T+2nd day.

Here is an example. An order has been processed on the 26th of October. It shows as “Complete” in the order history on the 27th (T+1st day) on Coin.

The transaction history on Coin under the holdings will actually be updated on the T+2nd day, which is the 28th of October in this case. Until then, the “view transactions” option displays the historical transactions and not the latest one.

Therefore, during this time, before the T+2nd day, you might see the holdings as discrepant under Coin.


There are two allotment timings as there are two windows in which the orders get processed and allotted.

  1. Liquid and Overnight funds are allotted on the same day (T day) post 4 pm and will show up on Console on the T+1st day.
  2. The rest of the funds like Equity, Hybrid, Debt, etc. will be allotted on the T+1st day on Coin and will show up on Console on the T+2nd day.