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Why am I not able to see the shares I’ve purchased?

The following are the reasons why you may not be seeing the shares you’ve purchased:

The shares that you have bought are delisted: ` ”Delisting” of a security or a stock means removing shares of a listed company from the stock exchange. The company may no longer be traded in that exchange due to de-listing.

As a result, you will not be able to see your stocks. These stocks will not be visible in Kite; you can view the same on the console . You can check this article for more information.

Your stocks are short delivered: When you are the buyer of a stock, there is a chance of the seller defaulting on the delivery of the share. In such circumstances, the exchange holds an auction for the same quantity of shares & delivers it to the buyer.

Short delivery can happen in stocks with less liquidity or if a short MIS/BO/CO hasn’t been squared off in some circumstances. In this case, we will notify you via SMS and email. ( Click here to know more about short delivery)

The stocks you hold have undergone split: A stock split is a corporate action in which a company divides its shares into multiple shares to boost liquidity.

The new shares will be added to your DEMAT account in 1 to 2 working days after the record date due to which you’re unable to see the correct quantity of shares. You can check this article for more information.

You have traded in Trade to trade stocks: If you have a ' trade to trade ' stock in your holding and sell it, but buy it back on the same day, the stocks will not be visible in your holdings until the settlement (T+2 days).

You have pledged the shares you’ve bought: Suppose you have pledged the shares for margin to trade in intraday or FNO; the shares will not be visible on Kite.

You can check your complete holding in the console, and after you have unpledged the stocks, it will be visible again in your Kite holdings.

Shares transferred to other Demat account or gifting: On successful gifting or transfer of shares from your account to another, the stocks won’t reflect in your account.

The Company you have stocks with has merged into a different entity: The shares of the company you have bought might have merged with a different company and would have a name change. In this case, the stock would have a new name.

Quantity freeze by statutory bodies: There might be chances that your stock is under lockin as per the direction of statutory bodies like SEBI/ exchange/Income tax dept etc. For example, Yes Bank .