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How is realised and unrealised profit calculated on Kite?

Realised profit on Kite is calculated when a trade is squared-off, taking into account the closed F&O and intraday equity positions. When a CNC trade is squared-off during the day, it does not affect the realised profit. However, the P&L from the intraday CNC trade that has been squared off is included in the available margin on Kite.

Unrealised profit on Kite is determined by marked-to-market losses associated with open F&O and intraday equity positions. These losses are considered as unrealised profit. The marked-to-market losses reduce the available balance, but the benefit of marked-to-market profits cannot be used in the available margin. In the case of having open positions, the unrealised profit is calculated based on the net result of the positions.

Example scenario

  1. In the scenario where position A incurs a loss of ₹100 and position B generates a profit of ₹50, the resulting unrealised profit will be -₹50. This negative value will be subtracted from the available margin.
  2. However, if position A experiences a loss of ₹100 while position B generates a profit of ₹150, the unrealised profit will amount to ₹0. This is due to the fact that the benefit of the profit cannot be utilized to increase the available margin.
  3. Similarly, the realised and unrealised profit will be negative in case of losses.