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How is realised and unrealised profit calculated on Kite?

If you square-off a trade, the P&L will show up as realised profit on Kite. This only includes your closed F&O and intraday equity positions. 

If you square-off a CNC trade during the day, it will not affect the realised profit. However, the P&L from the CNC trade you have squared-off intraday will be included in the available margin on Kite.

The marked-to-market losses for your open F&O and intraday equity positions will show up as unrealised profit on Kite. 

Your available balance will be reduced to the extent of the marked-to-market losses. However, you will not be able to use the benefit of marked-to-market profits in your available margin. Assume you have two open positions with the following break-up:

  1. Loss in position A is Rs 100 and Profit in position B is Rs 50: You will see negative Rs 50 in the unrealised profit on Kite and this will be reduced from your available margin. 
  2. Loss in position A is Rs 100 and Profit in position B is Rs 150: You will see Rs 0 in the unrealised profit since the benefit cannot be passed on to your available margin. 

Note: The realised and unrealised profit will be negative in case of losses.