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How do I add multiple trades for shares transferred to my Zerodha demat?

The buy average price of your holdings will be automatically available on Console if you purchase the shares through Zerodha. However, if you have purchased the shares elsewhere and subsequently transferred them into your Zerodha demat account, you may manually enter the buy price. 

If you have purchased your shares over multiple days, you will be able to add the average price for each trade date separately. Assume, you have purchased 100 shares of Reliance at Rs 1000 on 1/4/2020 and, 200 shares at Rs 1020 on 2/4/2020. In this case, you may enter two separate discrepant trades on Console. The buy average price will be automatically be computed. 

The steps to add the discrepant quantity are explained here in detail.

If you have purchased the shares in multiple trades on a single day, you will have to compute the average price for your purchase and enter the discrepant quantity on Console. Assume, in the above example, you've purchased all the shares on 1/4/2020 in two different trades. You will have to select a single date (i.e. 1/4/2020), enter 300 as the quantity, and Rs 1013.33 [i.e. (1000x100 + 1020x200)/300] as the price.