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How can I change my email or mobile number registered with the AMC, for my Coin investments?

If you want to change your registered phone number or email address with the AMC for Coin, you have to send a letter to the RTA (Registrar & Share Transfer Agents) or the AMC (Asset management company). 

This letter has to be addressed to the AMC or RTA and should include your PAN or Folio No. along with the old email/phone no. and the new email/phone no.

In India, there are currently 4 RTAs which service all of the AMCs. They are:

  1. CAMS (Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd) - list of MFs serviced by CAMS
  2. Karvy mutual funds services - list of MFs serviced by Karvymfs
  3. Sundaram PNB Paribas 
  4. Franklin Templeton
If you need further help changing your registered email address, phone no. contact the respective RTA or AMC.