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How to place an order to buy direct mutual funds on Coin?

Once you login to Coin, either on the homepage or the dashboard, you’ll see a search bar, where you can type in the name of an AMC or a fund. On this search bar, you’ll be able to look up only Direct mutual funds.

On the mutual funds page, you can see the performance of the fund. Along with that, you get an option to compare the performance & costs with other mutual funds.

You will also see the Direct savings calculator where you’ll be able to calculate the money you’ll be saving by purchasing a direct fund instead of a regular fund.

Along with the graph showing the funds performance of the fund, important details of the terms & conditions are shown as well.

And towards the end, a link to the mutual fund scheme documents with the exact terms and conditions as set out by them is provided for viewing.

To buy a mutual fund - click on Buy direct option - this is for lump sum/one-time investment. You will need to ensure you have sufficient balance in your trading account for the order to get executed.

Note - All orders are sent to the exchange at 1:30 PM on trading days.If you have placed an order after the 1:30 PM cut off time, your order will be sent to the exchange for execution the next working day.If you have placed an order before the cut off time, the units will be allotted to you on that day’s NAV.