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How do I place an order to buy a direct mutual fund on the Coin app

Once you have searched and decided on the mutual fund to invest in, Open up the fund page, and click on the 'round blue + button' to open the Buy order window.

The buy order window will display your fund balance and you also get the option to add money to your account. Click here to know how to add money to your account.

Once you have sufficient balance, enter the Investment amount and confirm by clicking on Invest. Once your order is confirmed you will receive a confirmation SMS, and you will be able to view your order under 'Pending orders'.

Note - All orders are sent to the exchange at 1:30 PM on trading days. If you have placed an order after the 1:30 PM cut off time, your order will be sent to the exchange for execution the next working day. If you have placed an order before the cut off time, the units will be allotted to you on that day’s NAV.