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My SIP did not go through because of insufficient funds. When will my SIP go through again?

The funds for your monthly SIP are debited from your trading account and not your bank account, so please ensure you have sufficient funds available in your trading account on your SIP day.

On Coin, there are two ways to set up a SIP investment :

1) Via Coin App (web and mobile app)


In the first case, if you have missed your SIP, you can place a lump sum order on Coin on any date and compensate for the missed SIP. For example, if your SIP for Rs.2500 was due on the 5th of September and you happened to miss this due to insufficient funds, then you can always place a lump sum order of Rs.2500/- anytime during the month.

If you miss an AMC SIP, then unfortunately you cannot compensate for it for the month. You just have to ensure your funds are available on time for the following month.

To avoid missing SIPs on the due date, we recommend you set up the automatic fund transfers (e mandate) to your Zerodha trading account.

We suggest that you set up e-Mandate dates one day before the SIP date. For example, if your SIP is due on the 5th of September, you can set up a mandate for the bank to deduct the amount from your bank account and credit the Zerodha trading account on the 4th of September.

If you set up the e-Mandates on your SIP dates, there could be a delay by the bank in transferring the funds to your Zerodha trading account by a few hours, which in turn would conflict with the cut-off timings.