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How do I start a Step-up SIP on Zerodha Coin?

With a step-up SIP, you can automatically increase your SIP amount by a predefined percentage. For example, if you are investing 10,000 every year and choose to set up a 10% step-up every year, your SIP amount will be Rs 11000 in year 2, Rs 12100 in year 3, and so on.

You can create a new SIP and select the step-up option in the mutual fund scheme. On the mutual fund scheme's page - click on ‘Direct SIP', the order window will open up. Here you will see a check box to select step-up. Enter the step-up percentage and the date when you want the SIP amount to increase.

Similarly, you can set the step-up option on the Coin mobile app:

You can also modify an existing SIP by selecting the edit option under the SIP & Conditional tab on Coin:

Similarly, on the Coin mobile app, you can select the SIP and select the automatic step-up option:

You will be able to see a "step-up" tag for each SIP with the step-up instruction under the SIP and Conditional option on Coin.


1. An email will be triggered to your registered email ID once a SIP step-up is triggered.

2. If the SIP is paused, the step-up will not be triggered.

3. You can select/unselect the step-up option for the SIP anytime and modify the SIP.

4. The SIP orders will be triggered at 8 AM to the exchange. These orders can be deleted before 8 AM. The cut-off time to transfer funds for such orders has been revised to 11 AM. Please ensure the funds are available in the trading account before the cut-off time.