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What does 717GS2028 mean? How to make sense of the name?

Every bond issued will have a unique name or symbol. The symbol contains all the information you’d need. For example here is a symbol - 717GS2028


717 - Implies that the annualized interest rates receivable for the bonds i.e coupon rate is 7.17%
GS - stands for the type government securities
2028 - this is the year of maturity

So,  If you were to invest in this bond, you will receive 7.17% interest every year (paid semi-annually)  until its maturity in 2028.

Another example,


Annualized interest – 7.40%
Type – Government Securities (GS)
Maturity – 2035
Issue – ‘A’  means its a fresh issue 7 not a re-issue (don’t worry much about this, just be aware that this is NSE’s internal nomenclature for their own book-keeping )

Refer to this chapter on Varsity for more information.