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How will the P&L for G-sec be represented on Console?

For T-bills and Govt. bonds, until maturity date, in the P&L report -

  • Sell Average
  • Sell Value
  • Realised P&L
  • Unrealised P&L
The above fields will not display any values. It will be represented as seen in the following images - 

Similarly, the previous change and P&L values will not be shown for Gsecs on the holdings page as well.

However, upon maturity, the face value of Rs 100 will be considered as the Sell average - and based on this the 'Sell value' and the 'Realised P&L' will be calculated.

For example, if you've purchased 300 units of 91 day T-bills at 98.30, on maturity the sell value will be 100, so your profit will be Rs 510.

Similarly, if you have purchased 200 units of 6.65% GOI bonds for 99.31, the sell value upon maturity will be 100, so your Profit will be Rs 139.

Note: The interest payments received will not be considered as part of your P&L report.