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How are SWP redemption units calculated?

The number of units redeemed for SWP is determined based on the NAV of the previous trading day, i.e. T-1. To learn more about NAV, see What does NAV mean?

To calculate the redemption units for a monthly SWP, the formula is: Redemption units = SWP amount/ T-1 day’s NAV.

Example Scenario

If a client has a monthly SWP of ₹500 scheduled for the 5th of each month, the redemption order will be calculated using the NAV from the 4th (T-1). If the NAV on the 4th (T-1 day) is 15, and the client wants to redeem ₹500, the calculation is:

Redemption units = ₹500 / 15 = 33.33 units

So, the client would place a redemption order for 33.33 units on the 5th, and the actual redemption would be processed using the NAV of the 5th.