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Is stamp duty applicable for mutual fund purchases on Coin?

Stamp duty is applicable for the purchase of mutual funds at a rate of 0.005%. The applicable stamp duty is adjusted with the units allotted to the investor and is not separately charged.

Example Scenario

If ₹10,000 is invested in a mutual fund, then the applicable stamp duty is:

₹10,000 × 0.005% = 0.5 (50 Paisa).

Hence, the stamp duty is adjusted, and the investment amount gets reduced to ₹9,999.50. Assume the NAV of the scheme is 10. The number of units allotted will be ₹9,999.50 / 10 = 999.95 units.

Did you know? When purchasing mutual funds, stamp duty is currently not displayed under charges on Console. Zerodha is working on making this available soon.