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What are the advantages of using Coin?

Following are the advantages of investing using the Coin app:

  1. You can invest in direct funds on Coin for free. Direct Plans of AMCs do not charge commission expenses. Regular Plans pay commissions to the broker or to distributors. This commission is added to the expense ratio of the scheme. Regular plans have a higher expense ratio as compared to Direct Plans which can amount to as much as 1% of the AUM (the value of your holdings) as a commission from Mutual Funds, every year! Brokers and distributors generally take these commissions as a percentage of the AUM directly from the AMC or Fund house selected by you under a Regular Plan, which lowers your returns by the percentage taken as commission.
  2. You can automatically increase your SIP amount by a predefined percentage with the step-up SIP feature.
  3. In effect, regular plan investments give you lower returns as compared to Direct Plans because of these commission expenses.
  4. Easy Systematic Investment Plans (SIP); start, pause or stop whenever you want. Increase or decrease SIP values at will.
  5. Net Asset Value (NAV) order tracking and a choice of over 41 Asset Management Companies (AMCs) and 2200 funds collectively. Place orders to purchase or redeem funds based on NAV, similar to stocks.
  6. Mutual Funds in an electronic DEMAT format which gives a single portfolio view of all your stocks and mutual funds in one place. It is extremely easy to pledge and take a loan against, in case of emergency.
  7. A single consolidated statement which includes P&L, visualizations, and more. Easy reference for claiming a tax deduction for ELSS Scheme as per Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  8. MF or stocks in DEMAT are much easier to claim by dependents (nominee of DEMAT) in the case of death. Direct plans with multiple AMC’s (Fund houses) would otherwise mean multiple folios, which would be difficult to aggregate and claim.

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