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What are corporate bonds? How can I invest in them?

Corporate bonds are debt securities issued by a company to raise funds for a specific time duration. You can invest in corporate bonds through The maximum order value for corporate bonds is Rs 2 lacs per transaction.

1. You can select the bond you wish to invest in.

Each of these columns next to the Bond name explains:

Tenure: The number of months left until the maturity of the bond.

Price/Unit: Price per unit of the corporate bond.

YTM: Yield to Maturity is the annualised rate of return based on the purchase price of the bond.

Coupon: Rate of return on the face value of the bond.

Frequency: Interest payment frequency.

FaceValue: Original price of the bond.

2. You can enter the number of units you intend to purchase.

3. Confirm purchase by selecting the consent checkbox and proceed for payment:

4. You will find the bond orders indicating the order details on completion of payment.

Note: In case your payment has failed, you can re-initiate the payment by clicking on 'Complete Payment' in Pending orders as shown below:

For more details, you can read this Zconnect post .