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Why does the mutual fund NAV display T-2 day value on Console?

The mutual fund NAV displayed on Console reflects the T-2 day value because the NAV announcement timings vary depending on the type of scheme. The NAV of mutual funds are announced by AMCs at the following timings:

Equity scheme 9 PM on trading day (T day).
Liquid scheme 11 PM on T day.
International underlying scheme 1:30 PM on T+1 day.

The data vendors receive the data from AMFI and update it on T+1 day in the morning. The Bhav copy for mutual funds is generated by T+1 day at 3 PM, which is then used by Console to calculate the mutual fund P&L on the night of T+1 day. As a result, on T+2 day, the holdings on Console reflect the NAV as of T day and provide an accurate representation of holdings.

Did you know? The holding data for mutual funds as per T-1 days NAV can be tracked on Coin.