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Will I be eligible for the benefits of corporate actions in stocks that I have pledged with Zerodha?

To be eligible for Corporate actions (dividend, bonus, splits, buybacks, mergers, amalgamation etc.) the shares must be in your name on the record date. 

When you pledge shares, the shares will be lying in Zerodha's pool Demat account. So, the benefits of the corporate action will be given to us which we will pass on to you.

1. Dividends will be credited to our bank account, which we will credit to your trading account. 
2. Shares from Bonus', Splits M&A will be credited to our pool account, which we will transfer to your trading account. If the bonus or split ratio is uneven, cash settlement will be done. For example, if the ratio is 2:3, and you have 25 shares, you'll get 72 shares and the balance in cash.

Note: If you have pledged shares, you will not be eligible to participate in Buybacks and takeovers. If you wish to participate in buybacks and takeovers you have to un-pledge your shares.