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How to freeze or unfreeze the stocks in the demat account?

You can freeze the securities in your demat account to ensure that you cannot sell them for a given period of time or until you instruct us to unfreeze the securities. Follow the below steps to send us freeze or unfreeze instructions:

  1. Fill up, physically sign & scan the freeze/unfreeze request form (PDF).
  2. E-sign the scanned form and submit it by creating a ticket below. (Click here for a walkthrough of the process to e-sign documents.)

If you are unable to e-sign the form since your Aadhaar is not linked to your mobile number, you can send the physically signed form to our head office address .

Instructions to fill freeze/unfreeze request form

Fill up the red-boxed spaces and ignore the ones crossed out below:

a. Fill in the date of sending the instruction

b. Select Freeze/Unfreeze

c. Select BO ISIN if you want to freeze one or a few securities.

d. Fill in your DP ID & Client ID which you can find on Console .

e. Fill in your name & the name of joint holders of your Zerodha demat account.

In the second part of the form, you will have to enter the details of the securities, the freeze/unfreeze request & sign.

a. Fill in the name of the securities and their ISINs. The quantity has to be filled in if you're planning to freeze/unfreeze only a part of the holdings.

b. Frozen for debit means the holdings cannot be sold and frozen for credit means more units of the security cannot be bought. If you only want to place a restriction on selling the holdings, select debit.

c. You can place an immediate freeze/unfreeze request by selecting the 'current' activation type. Alternatively, you can select 'future' and fill in the freeze activation and expiry dates.

d. The reason & additional remarks for freeze/unfreeze can be filled and will be recorded in your demat statement.

e. Fill up your name & physically sign the form. If there are joint holders of your demat account, they will need to sign the form as well.

Some points to note :

  1. It takes 48-72 working hours to process the freeze/unfreeze request.
  2. All securities in your demat account (like stocks, mutual funds, G-secs, etc.) can be frozen unless they are already under a compulsory lock-in.
  3. In case of joint holders, please send us the physically signed copy to process the freeze/unfreeze requests.