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Why are the orders in my baskets executed partially?

Basket orders are an alternative to fire multiple individual orders simultaneously. A basket order is as good as placing multiple normal orders at a faster rate.

The orders placed inside a basket order go through the same checks as an individual order. The orders are executed if they meet the conditions set by you.

For example

Suppose you have  ₹ 2000/- in your trading account. You place one buy order amounting to  ₹ 1500/- and another amounting to  ₹3000/- in the basket order.

In this case, your order for ₹ 1500/- will be executed and the order for ₹ 3000/- will be rejected due to insufficient funds. This will result in partial execution.

The basked order can be rejected for reasons such as insufficient margin, incorrect use of order type, scrip not available/blocked for trading, etc.

Note: Technically, it’s not easy to validate the whole basket to reject or execute all orders together, as order matching happens at an individual level in the exchange.