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Why are the orders in the baskets executed partially?

Basket orders offer a convenient way to execute multiple individual orders simultaneously. Each order within the basket order undergoes the same checks as an individual order. If the conditions specified by the client are met, the orders are executed accordingly. However, if there are insufficient funds to fulfil the entire basket order, the execution will be partial, and only the orders that can be processed with the available funds will be executed.

Example Scenario

Suppose the client has ₹2000/- in their trading account. They place one buy order amounting to ₹1500/- and another buy order amounting to ₹ 3000/- within a basket order.

In this scenario, the client's buy order for ₹ 1500/- will be executed successfully as there are sufficient funds to cover that amount. However, the buy order for ₹ 3000/- will be rejected due to insufficient funds, resulting in partial execution of the basket order.

Did you know? A basket order can be rejected for various reasons, including but not limited to insufficient margin, incorrect use of order type, and the specific instrument not being available or blocked for trading, among other possible factors.