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My order got rejected but I can't find it in the orderbook on Kite. Why is this?

In a recent upgrade to enhance order processing speeds on Kite, we have added an additional layer of order validation that quickly validates each order placed and rejects it if it does not qualify. The orders are validated for the following rules:

  1. Freeze Quantity- Validates F&O orders which are higher than freeze quantity.
  2. Intraday orders- Validates intraday orders for stocks on NSE and BSE which are not allowed for MIS/BO/CO. You can find the list of stocks allowed here.
  3. Trigger Price- Validates orders with trigger price lower than LTP for buy orders and higher than LTP for sell orders.
  4. Market orders for Stock options- Blocks market orders for stock options due to illiquidity.
  5. AMO orders- Blocks AMO orders placed between 9.00 AM & 3.45 PM for EQ & CDS, 9.10 AM & 3.45 for FO.
  6. MCX far month contracts- Blocks far month MCX contracts that are blocked due to illiquidity.
  7. Orders placed beyond circuit limits- Blocks orders placed beyond circuit limits and price bands.
  8. Order quantity greater than 1,00,000 shares- Blocks orders placed with quantity greater than 1,00,000.
  9. Market order using AMO for Index options- Blocks market orders in Index options using AMO. You can place limit orders.
  10. Buy orders are blocked in stocks that are in the exchanges' watchlist for unsolicited SMS tips circulation.
Do note that these rejected orders will not show up in the order book on Kite. You will be able to see the rejection only in the order status notification.