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How do I sell shares from my holdings on Kite?

You can check how to sell your stocks from Kite in this video walkthrough. Alternatively, you can check the Kite user manual

The stocks in your demat account don't have any exchange mapped to them. You can take the delivery of stocks in one exchange and freely sell them in either NSE or BSE from the next day of purchase. Kite, by default, reflects holding value as per the price on the exchange where the previous closing was higher. 

When you select the 'exit' option from your holdings, the default exchange will open up in your order form. In order to sell your holdings from a different exchange (NSE or BSE), you can add the stock to Kite Marketwatch and sell it.

Note: If you haven't submitted a POA, then you can use the CDSL Tpin to sell shares from your demat account. Learn more.