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Why does shares sold from holdings show up as a new negative position under on Kite?

When you sell shares from your holdings, it shows up under the positions tab under Kite as a new negative (short) position. This is completely normal. (This feature is enabled to allow traders to make intra day trades using the stocks they hold and help track their intraday P&L)

When you sell shares you hold, the quantity of shares shown in the holdings tab will reduce accordingly and will this will reflect as a CNC short in the positions tab.

At the end of the day and the sale of the share will reflect in your tradebook and holdings. These shares will have been sold at the price at which you placed the CNC sell order got executed.

Note: When you sell shares from your holdings, in the positions page the quantity and average will be shown as 0. However, your P&L will keep fluctuating until the end of the trading day, based on your selling price and LTP.

Ex - if you sell 100 shares of INFY from your holdings at Rs 700 and now the price moves to Rs 690, in your positions page your P&L will show as Rs 1000 profit. Similarly, if the LTP is 705, the P&L will be shown Rs 500 loss.

For example, ICICI bank has been sold from holdings by placing CNC sell order. 

It now shows up under the positions tab as a new short/sell position and no longer seen under holdings. This means that the share has been sold successfully. This will not reflect in positions at the end of the day i.e by 6:30 pm.

If you close the position and buy it back, the share will be bought back and will be seen in your holdings and the same will be considered as an intra day trade.

If you're logged in using Kite, you'll be able to see in the table below, the reduction in the holding quantity of the scrip you've sold.