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How can I get continuous chart data in Kite?

Since all futures contracts are traded for a maximum of 3 months, the chart data for a contract is only available for this period.

You can check older charts of previously expired contracts of the scrip in ChartIQ by enabling continuous data under Display>Chart Preferences:

A continuous futures chart categorizes all historical future contracts into current, near, and far months. So when you open a current month historical chart, it pulls data from all current months historically, plots, and displays the chart.

For example, in July - July is the current month, in June - June would've been the current month, in May- May would've been the current month, and so on. All that data is combined to show one continuous futures chart.


1. Continuous data is only available for day candles.

2. Continuous data is only available for Equity Futures and Commodity contracts. It is currently not available for the Currency segment.