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How to get continuous chart data for futures contracts on Kite?

To get continuous chart data for future contracts, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Display .
  2. Select Continuous data .

This feature is available only for futures contracts on ChartIQ on a daily, weekly and monthly timeframe. See How do I switch between TradingView and ChartIQ charts on Kite? to switch from TradingView to ChartIQ.

What is a continuous futures chart?

Continuous futures charts are formed by categorising futures into current, near, & far months instead of plotting the chart of a specific month.

All futures contracts expire within 3 months, which means if historical charts are analysed, the maximum available data is for 3 months. Even within these 3 months, most trading activity is limited to the current month's contract. While the charts of the underlying instruments can be analysed, historical charts on futures contracts are popular since futures have the most trading activity. In the case of currency, there are no charts for the spot prices so, the charts of the futures need to be looked at.

Instead of looking at the historical chart of, say, Nifty April 2022 future contracts, which will have historical data of 3 months, continuous futures charts can be analysed which will be formed using Nifty April futures contract in April, Nifty March futures contract in March, and so on.

Why is there no continuous options chart?

Unlike futures where the intrinsic value doesn’t change between two months, options work differently. All ATM (At the money) and OTM (Out of the money) options expire at 0 and hence continuous charts cannot be constructed.