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How to interpret SDL, T-bill, and G-secs names or symbols?

The SDL, T-bill, and G-secs names or symbols are a unique combination of numbers and alphabets that provide information about them.

Example scenario

SDL - 709UP30-SG

709: 7.09% annualised interest.
UP: Uttar Pradesh.
30: 2030 (Year of maturity).
SG: State government.

T-bill - 364D221222-TB

364D: Tenure, 364 days.
221222: 22nd December 2022 (Maturity date).
TB: Treasury bill.

G-sec - 522GS2025-GS

522: 5.22% annualised interest.
GS: Government security.
2025: Year of maturity.
GS: Government security.

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