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What are Kite alerts and how to use them?

With Kite alerts, real-time alerts can be created based on various parameters. The alerts can be simple alerts as well as alerts based on if this then that like conditions.

The data points on which the alerts can be set are as follows:

  • OHLC - Open, High, Low, and Close.
  • Percentage - Day change, Intraday change.
  • Price - Last traded price and Average Traded price.
  • Quantity - Total buy and sell quantity.
  • Open Interest (OI) - OI Day High and Low.
  • Volume traded.
  • Last traded quantity and more.

The mathematical operators that can be used to set up alerts are as follows:

  • Greater than (>).
  • Greater than or equal to (>=).
  • Less than (<).
  • Less than or equal to (<=).
  • Equal to (=).

The steps to create an alert are as follows:

Kite app

  1. Tap on the instrument.
  2. Scroll down and Tap on Create alert.
  3. Enter a name for the alert.
  4. Set the property and enter the value.
  5. Slide Create.

Kite web

  1. Click on More on an instrument,
  2. Click on Create Alert .
  3. Enter a name for the alert.
  4. Set the property and enter the value.
  5. Click on Create .

Alerts can also be created from the Alerts page by following these steps:

Kite app

  1. Tap on Orders.
  2. Tap on Alerts.
  3. Tap on + New alert.

Kite web

  1. Click on Orders.
  2. Click on Alerts.
  3. Click on New alert.

Alerts can be created by combining two instruments. For example, an alert can be created if Nifty futures is trading below the Nifty spot index. This means that Nifty futures is trading at a discount to the spot, and there is signs of bearishness.

A notification is received on the Kite web or app along with an email when the alert is triggered. To learn more, see How will I be notified if a Kite alert is triggered?

Did you know?

  • Kite alerts are free, and there are no additional charges.
  • A maximum of 200 alerts can be placed, including disabled alerts. Existing alerts must be deleted to add more alerts after the first 200.
  • The advanced alerts feature is currently unavailable.
  • Kite alerts do not have a specified validity period.