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Why do I see the event tag beside my stock on marketwatch/holding?

When there is any scheduled event like corporate action record date, financial results, annual general meeting etc., within the next 3 days, Kite will show an event alert on the marketwatch and holdings page.

The event tag is displayed to help you stay aware of any information that can affect the price of the stock you are planning to trade or have in your holding.

For indices, the alert is on macro events like RBI policy, Inflation numbers, etc.

Example Scenario

Kotak Bank announced an earnings release that may impact the stock price, irrespective of the market conditions. If you did decide to trade Kotak bank today, you would know this important piece of information that you otherwise may not have known.

Where can I check the scheduled event?

1. Click on More and then on Fundamentals in the Marketwatch.

2. Track all stock-specific events within the next 3 trading days in the popup window.