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Are there any keyboard shortcuts that I can use to trade on Kite?

Kite 3 has a wide array of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to quickly navigate through the dashboard, your orders, positions and holdings and also place your trades.

You can view the keyboard shortcuts by clicking on your profile on the top right-hand corner and selecting keyboard shortcuts from the drop-down.

You can also check all keyboard shortcuts by pressing the slash key - /

The Keyboard shortcuts are:


  • To navigate to Dashboard - A
  • Universal search - ~
  • Switch Marketwatch - ctrl+shift+1 (1 to 5, based on which marketwatch to switch to)
  • Open Market depth - D
  • Delete instrument from marketwatch - Del
  • To cycle through the instruments on the market watch - Up/Down keys

To go to Funds - F


  • Open Buy order window - B
  • Open Sell order window- S
  • Order book to view open orders and order history - O


  • To view holdings - H
  • To view open positions and position history - P


  • Initiating charts - C
  • Buy opened chart instrument - B
  • Sell opened chart instrument - S
  • Toggle quick trade drawer - ctrl+shift+Z


  • To view your profile - I
  • To edit your profile - J


Keyboard shortcuts cannot be changed or customised as per the user's needs.