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Kite Update - FAQs

Kite has been officially upgraded to version 3.0

Check out this post on Z-connect to learn about all the new features on Kite 3. For detailed explanations on how to use these features, check out the Kite user manual.

Note: If you want to migrate/ carry forward the saved chart views and preferences, click on the 'Migrate' button on the 'Dashboard' on Kite.

Click on 'Yes'

And your chart views and preferences from Kite 2 will be migrated to Kite 3. Click here to learn how views and preferences work.

  •  Also, note that the market watch on Kite 3 now supports 50 scrips per market watch, as opposed to 20 on Kite 2.
If you have any questions regarding the update or are facing any issues, you can raise a ticket below and our support representative will get in touch with you.