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What does the error “The quantity is higher than the maximum allowed quantity of xxx” mean?

The quantity [Quantity] is higher than the maximum allowed quantity of [Freeze Quantity].

You will see the above message on Kite when you place an order, with a quantity greater than the order freeze quantity. Order freeze quantity is the maximum quantity you can buy or sell per order.

The freeze quantity is set by the exchanges.

You can find the freeze quantity for all the scrips on the NSE Website [Refer to 'Quantity freeze' under monthly reports].

If you want to place orders greater than the exchange's freeze quantity limits, you will need to place multiple orders.

Alternatively, you can use the basket feature on Kite for placing orders exceeding the freeze quantity or maximum limit.

You can add multiple orders of your scrip within the permissible quantity limits and execute the basket of orders together as shown below:

Check out the discussion on basket orders in this TradingQ&A post .