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What does the order rejection error “RMS:Rule: Check freeze quantity for NSE CASH” mean?

RMS:Rule: Check freeze quantity for NSE CASH

Exchanges have a maximum order limit set for equity derivative contracts. The exchanges define the maximum number of contracts that can be bought or sold in a single order as freeze limits. The order was rejected because the quantity placed in a single order exceeded the freeze limits.

This is an inconvenience to traders who want to execute larger quantities, requiring them to place multiple orders. With Iceberg orders, an order to buy 10000 or 200 lots of Nifty or more can be placed at the same time. This will not only mean not having to place multiple orders in case of a large order but also help reduce impact costs. See What are Iceberg orders, and how to use them?

Freeze quantity limits can be checked under Volume Freeze Quantity on the NSE website (WEB) .

Icebergs to Overcome Order Freeze Limits