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Whenever i try to place an order i get the error "RMS blocked for NSE block type: ALL" or “account is deactivated” Why is this?

account is deactivated


Your account is blocked due to KYC non-compliance. Please contact support.

Your account can be deactivated for the following reasons:

  1. You've requested for the account to be deactivated.
  2. Account deactivated due to incomplete KYC documents - In this case, you will have to send us the required KYC details for your account to be re-activated. You will have received an email regarding the documents needed to be submitted to re-activate your account. Refer to this email to know the exact KYC rejection reason along with the documents required to resolve this.
  3. Your account has been deactivated due to a compliance reason. In such cases, you will have received an email notification along with the necessary steps to be taken to get your account activated

To get the account re-activated a user can contact create a ticket below or contact us at 080 4718 1888.