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How can I keep a track of any possible shortfall and ensure that there is no penalty?

Please don't wait for the margin statement to transfer the shortfall amount as there could be delays in delivery of the same.

The easiest way to keep track of any shortfall is by looking at the daily margin statement on Console by around 9 pm or see it on your registered email by around 10.30pm. In case the margin statement shows any shortfall in the overall margin status, then you will have to bring in additional funds into your account at least to the extent of the shortfall before the day’s end (by 12 midnight) to avoid any penalty.

We’ll soon have a feature on Kite which will alert users in case their account is running into a shortfall. In the meantime, one can use the values from the Kite funds page and the funds statement to figure out whether their account has sufficient margin available or not.

The below formula can be used to determine the margin available:

Opening balance + total value of collateral - net credit from equity transactions made today and the previous day - credit from derivatives trading today - all intraday realized profits

Ensure not to utilize margins greater than this for your NRML derivative transactions.