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How much margins or leverage does Zerodha provide?

Zerodha provides up to 5 times (20% margin) leverage for intraday using Margin intraday square off (MIS) and Cover Order (CO) for equity. With ₹1 lakh, stocks can be bought or sold for intraday up to ₹5 lakhs. Based on Zerodha’s policy, the list of stocks (DOC) and the leverage provided change. Due to peak margin rules by SEBI, there is no leverage offered for equity F&O, currency, and commodities segments.

Did you know? Peak margin regulation was introduced in 2020 to ensure that brokers don’t take large risks by providing higher margins or leverage to the customer. Today all the brokerage firms in India can offer the same maximum intraday leverage. To learn more about peak margin circulars, visit

The list of stocks allowed to trade with leverage can be checked on Zerodha’s margin calculator (WEB). Presently available leverages and any changes in Zerodha’s policy are updated on the bulletin and can be seen by visiting