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How to add tags on Zerodha’s Console?

You can create tags on Console from the P&L report or from the holdings page .

To create tags from the P&L report:

You can visit, P&L report on Console and click on the context menu next to any security on the P&L and select view breakdown/Tags.

Enter the tag name and click on New Tag. The tag name has a 15 character restriction as it will be used for display purposes in multiple places. You can mention details of the tag in the description which will show up on hover in the Tags manager page.

You can apply this tag to all the trades for this instrument in the breakdown (different trades that led to the P&L) or separate tags for each breakdown by clicking on Edit tags.

Do note that the applied tags can take several minutes to be applied. Once tagged, you can use the filter by tags in the P&L to view the profitability of your tags. You can also track your best and worst-performing tags on the Tag manager .

Note: Your tags are tagged to trades. If you search for a P&L period outside the tagged trade dates, you will not see any result. The charges shown on using the tag filter isn’t for the particular tag but all trades within the period selected on the P&L.

To create tags from the holdings page,

Visit the holdings page on Console. Click on the context menu next to the desired stock and select view breakdown/tags.

Similar to tags in P&L, you can tag either the entire quantity of a particular security to a specific tag or tag the breakdown (buy trades that led to the holding). Again, the applied tags can take several minutes to reflect. The icon next to the tag indicates this.

Once tagged, you can start filtering your portfolio by tags on the holding page to track your goals.

Example: Retirement goal

Do note that you can tag the entire quantity or tag the breakdown when tagging from your holdings page, which led to your total holdings. You can’t create your own breakdown of the holding and tag them differently and the actual trade history is always tagged.

Note: If you exit your holdings, remember to tag your exit trades from the P&L breakdown as shown earlier. The P&L based on tags will only work where both the entry and exit trades are tagged.