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What is the Quick order window?

The Quick order window only shows the required fields to place an order, to make trading or investing easier and faster. Quick order is currently available only on the Kite web and will soon be available on the Kite app. To open the quick order window, click on Quick on the order window.

There are two fields displayed on the quick order window, namely Qty. (Quantity) and Price, along with the required amount or margin and approximate charges applicable for placing an order.

Qty: Clients can enter the quantity in this section. However, they also have the option to switch to the lot size for F&O contracts or the amount for equity and all other instruments by clicking on the switch icon.

F&O contracts Equity and other instruments

By switching from Qty to Amount for Equity, clients are not required to manually calculate the amount needed to buy or sell a specific number of stocks. Instead, they can enter the desired amount for which they want to buy or sell the stock, and the order will be executed based on this amount.

Intraday orders can be placed by clicking on the Intraday checkbox. However, switching from Qty to Amount is not available for equity intraday.

Price: Clients have the option to switch between the market or the limit price. The order is executed as a Market order if no price is entered. However, clients can enter the limit price by clicking on the pencil icon. This preference will be remembered based on the previous selection. To learn more, see What are limit and market orders?

Clients can click on Regular to go back to the regular order window.