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What are baskets and how do i use them?

Baskets are orders in groups of scrips (stocks, ETFs, F&O contracts) that can be connected to your triggers for easy one-click execution. 

What this means is, when any of your trigger conditions are met, an alert will be triggered and through the alert notification (email/kite push) you will you get the option to place one-click orders (with pre-set parameters such as buy/sell, quantity, price, trigger price, order type, product type etc.) in the basket which is connected to that trigger.

To create a basket login to

A basket can have a maximum of 50 instruments in it. The number of baskets you are allowed to create depends on your subscription plan.

  • Sentinel Free - 30 baskets
  • Sentinel Plus - 100 baskets
  • Sentinel Pro - 200 baskets
BO/CO orders and AMO orders aren’t supported as of now. Check out this post on Z-connect to learn more.