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What are baskets and how do I use them?

A basket order allows you to place multiple orders at the same time. You can use the newly launched basket feature directly on Kite as shown below:

Click here for elaboration on how to use the baskets feature.

The basket order feature is also available on Sentinel. You can set the basket by logging into Sentinel and adding a basket:

The baskets feature on Kite and Sentinel are slightly different from each other. The Kite basket order feature allows you to immediately place an order whereas the Sentinel baskets feature allows you to set up a trigger condition that will prompt an email alert and kite mobile notification. 

On receiving the Sentinel alert, you will get the option to place a one-click order on Kite in the basket which is connected to that trigger.

 Check out this post on Z-connect to learn more about Sentinel baskets.