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I’ve bought shares but its not showing up in my holdings, why?

The following are the reasons why you may not be seeing the shares you’ve purchased:

1. POA is not updated

If you haven’t sent us the signed power of attorney, you will not be able to see the shares you have purchased and you won’t be able to sell them either. Click here to learn more about POA.

2. The shares that you have bought have been short delivered. 

The seller of the shares has defaulted on the settlement of shares. Short delivery is an event where the seller of the shares, defaults on the delivery of the shares by T+2 Days. In such cases, the exchange holds an auction for the same quantity of shares & delivers it to the buyer.

Short delivery can happen in stocks with less liquidity, or if a short MIS/BO/CO hasn’t been squared off in some circumstances.

In this case, you will be notified of the same via SMS and email. (Click here to know more about short delivery).

3. If you have a 'trade to trade' stock in your holding and you sell it, but buy it back it on the same day, the stocks will not be visible in your holdings till after the settlement (T+2 days).